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Custom Woodworking to Your Design

1_Mans-Jewelry-Box (Small)R&F Woodworking specializes in custom furniture, building that special piece to fit your needs.  At R&F Woodworking it can be as simple as making a missing cabinet door or drawer or, as complex as replicating an antique piece of furniture from old photos or the internet. You can literally have any furniture piece made to specification using old photo images or a sample piece.  It is something to consider when you need a piece of furniture reproduced that doesn’t exist anymore. Like the antique you only have a picture of or a more modern piece that is no longer made by the original manufacturer. You can also add a little of your own personality or creativity to the piece. R&F Woodworking can make the piece a little taller or shorter, wider or narrower, deeper or shallower than the original or – a little of whatever your heart desires.


Notes on how to create great projects from wood.Custom Building Furniture To Match Existing Pieces – Perfectly!

For example, we can make additional matching leaves for your dining room table (and make extended tables slides to accommodate those extra leaves).  Perhaps you have a bedroom set you just love but the manufacturer no longer makes the set and you need a second nightstand but you simply cannot find one worthy of the existing pieces. R&F Woodworking   can duplicate the existing nightstand. Or maybe you found a beautiful vanity at a rummage sale but it was missing the mirror frame and mirror standards. R&F Woodworking can reproduce a vanity mirror to match, or whatever you like in exact matching form.  R&F Woodworking can reproduce a vanity mirror to match, or whatever you like in exact matching form. R&F Woodworking will make perfectly identical reproductions thereby creating the set you want and need.

Detailed scroll work on hutchSo please contact us regarding any aspect of furniture – from manufacture to restoration.  You can use the Contact Form or the telephone; just give us a ring during shop hours.