A little about me

By | 01/14/2014

Thanks for visiting my website!  R&F Woodworking is a one man/woman (apprentice) shop that was established in 1998 to help pass the time of retirement and we have enjoyed every minute of our time spent in the shop.  Unfortunately it is now a one man shop, lost my apprentice to the Big C in 2011.  I am a second generation woodworker that studied under a master carpenter and cabinet maker, my Dad.  I spent many summers helping my father who is now retired. I sometimes think back and remember the beautiful things Dad made with only minimal tools – an 8 inch Rockwell skill saw and a Craftsman table saw with about a 18×24 inch top.  He looks at my shop and just shakes his head.

As a young boy I would only get to hold the board. As I grew older he trusted me to do more.  I remember the first time he let me cut a board – was I ever proud!  Now he hands the saw or board to me; what a change.  I think the proudest moment was when he brought his neighbor out to see one of my completed projects and just keep commenting on how well it was built.