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Cutting Tapered Flute Ends

Information on Routing Fixture for making Fluted Stiles This is a picture of what the flutes will look like.  They have a pointed and that is similar to production type flutes on furniture.  This is a picture of the fixture that attaches to the base of the router. It is just two pieces of Baltic… Read More »

Work Bench/Combination Sander/Jet Band Saw

Work Bench, inspired by Norm’s design, top is white tile board, easy to wipe off and cheep.  If you look under the bench you will see a Pattern Makers Vice that was planned for this bench, I forgot the overhang on the left end to accommodate the vice, been under there since.   Next to… Read More »

Jet 2 hp Chip Collector

Jet 2 hp Chip collector, notice I didn’t saw dust collector.  If you seen my shop you would know why.  This was my biggest mistake in setting up the shop.  I thought all you needed to do was run some 4″ PVC under the concrete floor and you were all set., wrong.  If you are… Read More »

Delta Drill Press/Clamps

Delta Drill Press used for many different tasks in the shop.  You will notice the older Radial Arm Saw to the left of the picture.  That space is now used by the Wide Belt Sander.  The space to the right is my clamp storage.  You can never have too many clamps.  I always tell my… Read More »

Wood Plane Storage

I made this wooden box to store my wood planes.  I was having a problem with moisture and condensation on the tools stored in the shop hutch.  I bought some Silica gel Desiccant Packets off eBay and placed into the storage box.

Wood Storage

Roll Around Lumber Rack.  Fills up real quick.  The back side holds sheet goods that lean out and are supported by arms that pivot out, works real well in holding a lot of material.

DeWalt Scroll Saw

DeWALT Scroll Saw.  This is the best mid priced saws around, no vibration and cuts like crazy.

MiniMax FS 35 Jointer/Planer

The MiniMax FS 35 Jointer/Planer is an upgrade from my original 6 Inch Jet Jointer. The 35 stands for cm and that equals about 13 3/4 inches wide.  This tool is used on all most all projects.  If you don’t have a joiner I don’t see how you can work with twisted material.  That is my biggest… Read More »

Wide Belt Sander

PerformaX 22/44  Wide Belt Sander used on almost every project.  This sander works great for making special veneers and smoothing out planner marks.

Delta Unisaw with 36 inch Rails

Delta 10 in. Unisaw.  I looked for several months before finding a shop that was going out of business.  The saw was only 4 years old and had not been used much. This was time well spent, this saw is a dream to operate and cut through hardwoods like butter

Router Table

Router Table with 31/2 hp VS  Porter-Cable router.  The table was build from Norm’s NY project plans.  The top was made from a modular office desk 1 1/2 in thick covered with Formica

Compound Miter Saw

DeWalt Compound Sliding Miter Saw with Woodworkers II blade.   I use this station to break down long boards and some panels.   I use it a lot more since I moved out the Radial Arm Saw, just didn’t have the room.

Work Shop Hutch

The shop hutch is along the right hand wall built around the window air-conditioning unit.  This was patterned off the shop hutch Norm built on The New Yankee Workshop.  This unit is longer and with more drawers.

Bedroom Suite Repair/Refinish

This is a very old bedroom suite that belonged to the customer’s grandparents.  It had spent some time in a barn and veneer was pealing up on the sides and some was missing.  The tiger stripe veneer on the bottom was mostly missing and several pieces of the veneer were missing on the bed headboard.… Read More »

Kitchen Hutch – Oak

This Oak Kitchen Hutch was made as a traditional Kitchen Hutch, except the customer wanted maximum counter space so the attachment was eliminated.  I used corbels under the top to give the appearance  of being together.  The top section hung on the wall with the corbels under each end.   The glass used in the… Read More »

Mission Oak Media Stand

Mission Oak Media Stand made from 1/4 sawn white oak.  This TV console was designed to match the other items in the living room.

Utility Laundry Cabinet

This is the standard Utility Cabinet except that it fits the total width of the customers’ laundry room.  The doors were purchased from Hoods, a local surplus supply for $1.00 each.  The base cabinet was birch plywood painted white.

Walnut Book Case

This is one of two Walnut Library Book Shelves that I make for a customer.  This was my first attempt at using veneer to enhance the contrast.  You can not really see how this looks from the picture but the customer was very happy.  The customer furnished the walnut, it was cut from his Grandfather’s farm many… Read More »

Entertainment Center

This is a large three piece Entertainment Center that was built for my sister-in-law’s wedding gift.  The whole family pitched in and paid for the material and I supplied the labor.  They have put to good use displaying her many nick-knacks and his race cars models.

Hope Chest

This is an Oak Hope chest made for my Granddaughters Graduation.  The panels were made from the back side of a sheet of ¼ inch plywood that had a quarter sawn veneers, very interesting pattern.

Birch Desk

This was a Desk for my Sister to fit into a closet she had taken the door off and wanted to fit into the closet.  She is on fixed income and wanted it made as cheep as possible.  I used the $28 birch/maple plywood from HD and used TransTent dye to make it look like… Read More »

Corner Cabinet

This is a Corner Cabinet that was made to fit between the corner and a window.  The Lady wanted to display her Grandchildren’s pictures.  This was made from birch plywood stained to match the bedroom furniture.

Pine Hutch

This is the first major project I built some years back.  Raised the panels on the Radial Arm saw, also found out you must have the biscuits back from the edge of the board when you plan to raise the panel.  Notice the green paint covering the biscuits.

Pine Corner Hutch

This is a Pine Corner Hutch that I made to fit a small dinning room and match an existing table.  Used stock plans but reduced depth and width to fit their space.  This was built the first year I retired and was one of my first paying customers.

50 In. Entertainment Enclosure

This is a 50 inch Entertainment Center/Enclosure, for a lack of a better term.  The customer wanted a place to house the different component boxes used for the Home Entertainment Center.  This was built for the large rear-projection TV which were popular in the early 2000s as an alternative to more expensive LCD and plasma flat panels.

Dark Oak Desk

This was a Oak Desk stained a dark walnut to match a bedroom set for a friend of my dad’s.  She had moved and lost her built in desk and missed all the storage for bills and things.  This desk is made slightly narrow to fit her bedroom space.

Oak Book Case

Simple tall bookcase.  This was made to fit a space under the landing for the basement steps.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity with Large Drawers.  The customer wanted deep drawers with dividers and a 1/2 deep sliding tray over the dividers. Spent more time on drawers than I did on building the case.

Photograph Negative Storage File

This is a Photograph Negative Storage File for my Brother-in-law that does work for a racing paper and has many years of negatives to store.  Each comportment stores a plastic sleeve holding the negatives

Kayak Storage Rack

The customer wanted a movable storage rack they could move easy, they rented.    Made from 2×4’s and plywood.

Kitchen TV Cart/Book Case

White TV Cart/Bookcase for Kitchen.  The customer wanted something tall so they could see the TV over their table and storage for all their cook books.  The edge is covered in Oak with whitewash stain to match Kitchen Table (Sorry about the picture, I didn’t get a picture before the customer picked up and I… Read More »

Bay Window Treatment

Bay Window treatment.  This is in our mater Bathroom above the tub.  My wife did not want to put up curtains and since we live on 3 acres and know one lived behind us, the window was bare for several years.  We had a neighbor build behind us and when fall came and the leaves… Read More »

Hickory Plant Bench

Hickory Plant Bench.  My wife needed a bench to set in front of the window and I had some extra hickory so she got her bench.

Step Stool/Table

Step Stool/Table.  My wife saw this in a magazine and asked if I could make her one, I have made 5 since

Built in Bookcase Wall Unit

This was made for my wife, she had a lot of books.  We had a small room that was called a dining room, but was really too small to eat in.  We converted to an Office/Study room with one wall as built in bookcases.

5 Piece Entertainment Center

This is a 5 Piece Entertainment Center that I made for my Brother-In-Law.  The TV section has two slide out shelves behind the doors, one holds a record player and the other is for a kids game. The two units sitting beside the TV section house the speakers and a pull out drawer.

Maple Tool Box

My wife saw this in one of the Woodworking magazines and wanted it built for a man’s valet box (junk holder).  I told her it would be too big.  I used some scrap birch that had nice grain and curly maple for the trim and drawer fronts, all from the scrap bin.  Well it came… Read More »

A little about me

Thanks for visiting my website!  R&F Woodworking is a one man/woman (apprentice) shop that was established in 1998 to help pass the time of retirement and we have enjoyed every minute of our time spent in the shop.  Unfortunately it is now a one man shop, lost my apprentice to the Big C in 2011.… Read More »

Painted Toy Box

  Child’S Painted Toy Box made from  Baltic Birch plywood.  I made two of these toy boxes, you can see the second one in the background.        

Toy Box

Child’s Toy Box and Seat.  This was made for my grandson for a Christmas present.  Made from solid Oak except the bottom, used 3/4 in plywood

Child’s Toy Box

Child’s Toy Box and Seat.  This was made for my granddaughter for a Christmas present.  Made from solid Oak except the bottom, used 3/4 in plywood.

Child’s Old Time School Desk

Child’s School Desk made from solid Oak.  The top raises up for storage under the lid, also the lid has a slow closer so little fingers don’t get smashed.  The Grandkids have used now for several years and it has held up well

Child’s Bookcase

Child’s Bookcase built from 5/8 Baltic Birch and painted with white waterborne lacquer.  I have built six of these bookcases for the same customer, he keeps getting more grandchildren