Bedroom Suite Repair/Refinish

By | 01/20/2014

This is a very old bedroom suite that belonged to the customer’s grandparents.  It had spent some time in a barn and veneer was pealing up on the sides and some was missing.  The tiger stripe veneer on the bottom was mostly missing and several pieces of the veneer were missing on the bed headboard.   The headboard also had several burn marks from a fire.  You can still see one place at the base.  The customer wanted that spot left to remind him of his grandparents and the fire.   The mirror was sent off to New York to be re-silvered.  The dresser veneer was removed up about 14 inches and a bead was installed to separate the old veneer from the new veneer.  This was also done with the footboard.

In addition to the Bedroom Suite there was some newer end tables and sofa table that was refinished, they had black ink or paint all over the flat surfaces.

Bedroom Rebuild-1-4 Bedroom Rebuild-5 Bedroom Rebuild-6 Bedroom Rebuild-7 Bedroom Rebuild-10 Bedroom Rebuild-12 Bedroom Rebuild-13 Bedromm Rebuild-1 Bedromm Rebuild-3

Bedroom Rebuild-3 Bedroom Rebuild-2

Bedroom Rebuild-1-2