Cutting Tapered Flute Ends

By | 01/21/2014

Information on Routing Fixture for making Fluted Stiles

This is a picture of what the flutes will look like.  They have a pointed and that is similar to production type flutes on furniture.fluted_stile 

This is a picture of the fixture that attaches to the base of the router. It is just two pieces of Baltic birch with a slot cut in the base to adjust for the different flute positionsfluting_fixture2 

Fixture attached to router


The ramp is attached to stile to be fluted. You will need to cut a test cut to determine the Distance from the start of the ramp to where the Flute rises out of the stile or flute ends.  Record this dimension and use to position the ramp back from desired flute end point
Picture of router sliding up the ramp and out of the stile.